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WPS Salary File – .SIF (Salary Information File) Explained

The Wage Protection System or commonly known as (WPS), became a reality in UAE in July 2009 with Ministerial Decree No. 788. The WPS system is a system introduced by both the UAE Ministry of Labor and the Central Bank of UAE as per Ministerial resolution 788 of 2009, as a labor protection law. This means that instead of receiving wages in cash, workers get paid directly into their bank accounts. Payroll is one of the most important functions that needs to be carried out by an HR Department. After all, employees should be paid salaries for the work they have done as committed.

Once the Payroll is created, the Ministry of Labor wants the companies to use Salary Information File (.SIF) to upload their payroll through WPS to process the salary. Below is the detail information on a SIF File Format:

Salary Information File (.SIF) in brief:

The File name of .SIF should be in below format:

EEEEEEEEEEEEE: Employer Unique ID Employer Id can vary in length up to 13
YYMMDD: File Creation Date
HHMMSS: File Creation Time

EDR – Employee Detail Record for each employee

The file will contain EDR records in a separate lines for each employee where the salary payment needs to be paid. Each employee record will start with EDR to indicate it is for the salary payment for the employee.

Each employee record should be mentioned in a separate line and each field should be comma separated. e.g.


SIF File - EDR – Employee Detail Record for each employee

SCR – Salary Control Record at the end of every file

Salary Control Record (SCR) is a mandatory summary record as the last line in the file. SCR record which provides the summary of the entire file. e.g.


SCR – Salary Control Record at the end of every file

All onshore companies or companies that belong to JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone Area) are required to create a SIF file to process payroll in the UAE. THE SIF file has to be prepared monthly and uploaded to the WPS system. Free-zone entities, other than JAFZA, are not required to create a SIF file as part of their payroll process.

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