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Benefits of payroll processing

Mobile App for HR and Payroll


Our App is browser independent and suitable for all smartphones / tablets, encouraging maximum employee utilization. With our Mobile applications, your staff will have the tools they need to perform a wide range of activities in real time, including leave requests, corporate metrics and more – all on a mobile device. Notifications for approvals, announcements and much more. Empower your work force to do their jobs whenever, wherever on any device.

Performance Appraisal


Our tools measure the job-related qualities that make a person productive. Thinking and reasoning style, behavioural traits and occupational interests.  Simplify your appraisal process. Track personal goals, objectives and initiatives throughout your annual review process. Identify key competencies and skills for employees to develop, then assign specific tasks for improvement. Managers and administrators can offer suggestions on key growth opportunities.

Application Tracking System


We allow you to source, screen and select all of your best-fit candidates with speed and efficiency – all from a single solution. In-recruiting delivers everything you’d expect from a modern recruitment system and more. Manage vacancies, job posting and applicants in a single system. Post Jobs on your website or on any social media platform i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  Manage CVs, shortlist candidates, simplify your hiring process

HR Reports


With a powerful report writing feature, all your data is available to be included, it is neatly combined and ready to view.  With more than 80+ predefined reports in your library, with an easy to use powerful report designer, you are sure to get the report you want in a few clicks, with powerful dashboards, analytics & more

HR Reminders and Alertsq


Our alerts feature notifies you of upcoming events, so you can stay one step ahead and be completely compliant and never miss a government deadline for renewals of important documents, also receive notifications for your document expiration, birthdays, trade license, rental agreements, vendor agreements.  Never miss a deadline and  stay up to date as deadlines approach or changes are made.

HR Software Access Permissions


System administrator gets a full view of data and access information listing the changes in the system by date, time, user, machine used. With a powerful access control engine, you control what each user or employee has access to in the solution, define your own access levels & more


Less about paper more about HR, Employees can view their leave balances, request time off, leave calendar, air tickets, expense management and see where their requests are in the approval process, Online access to HR Policies, Maintaining Timesheets, Employees can confidentially communicate to HR and managers regarding any Issues, View Payslips, Intuitive Dashboards, Employees can update their information on self service, Powerful 5 Level Approval Matrix and more…


Powerful Compensation Management (Earnings Deductions, Loans, Expenses, Overtime), Automatic retrieving time and attendance data for payroll processing, Generate (SIF) WPS or other file formats on the fly for leading banks , Multi-currency support, Apply different policies for different group of employees, GL and Finance Data Integration to your existing system and more


Centralized Employee Datastore, Meaningful insights into organizational trends, Simplified document management (e.g. ID Cards, Passports), with comprehensive functionality, intuitive self-service, built-in dashboards, mobile apps and much more, it makes HR management simpler and more enjoyable for everyone.

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