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Why HR Chronicle is the Best Payroll Software for companies in Middle East Region

The importance of a human resource management system is now more apparent than ever. The HR department relies on HR software, to help them with many of its day-to-day activities. HR software is important for keeping track of employee information and helping to maintain a positive work environment. The use of technically apt HR software enhances employee productivity and efficiency. It also saves time and is essential for staying compliant with local labour laws and regulations.

HR Chronicle is a locally compliant Payroll system, which complied with all local laws and regulations for the Middle East Region

Compliance includes keeping up with all documents, ensuring that all documents are always valid and renewing them on time to avoid fines and problems with residency and local regulations. Make sure all your company’s processes are in compliance with local bank regulations and company sick leave and maternity policies, as well as accurately calculate employee leave pay and retirement benefits. These are a few things, but compliance with regulations includes many more aspects. We are fully compliant with all relevant payroll legislation in all of the GCC countries and many other locations around the world.

HR Chronicle’s features are designed for Middle East Market

Almost all the user-friendly features of HR Chronicle have been designed keeping the aspects of the Middle East Market in mind.  With HR Chronicle, you need to worry about WPS bank file generation, Leave policy, Gratuity calculation, Air Fare settlement, GOSI calculation, final settlement, and many other tasks.  HR Chronicle will help you automate all the HR processes while staying compliant with all the labour laws and regulations in the Middle East.

HR Chronicle Mobile App is available on Android and iOS Platform

For a better employee experience and hassle-free access; HR Chronicle has all the options of Employee Self service on the Mobile App.  So, the employees can check all the details and apply for the request on the go.

HR Chronicle is an award-winning and top-reviewed Payroll Software

HR Chronicle is the award-winning payroll software and has been highly rated and reviewed on the online software review platforms.  You can easily find HR Chronicle reviews on google, Software Advice, Capterra and many more software suggestion platforms.

Do you have any questions, or concerns, which are unanswered, please feel free to dial us at +971 4 338 3775 or email us at or pay us a visit on our .  HR Chronicle is one of the best HR management software with a SaaS-based licensing system.

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