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Why Cloud based HRMS is preferred over Excel: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Microsoft Excel is the go-to software for any organization. It’s been this way for decades. It allows users to identify trends and organize and sort data into meaningful categories. Excel is not developed for payroll activities; it is a generic platform that has a collection of cells to organize your data.

Running payrolls at the end of the month in Excel includes not only calculations but also other calculations such as leave accruals, sick leave, and other types of leaves. Spreadsheets are also ineffective because they can contain numerous errors, and data validation must be performed properly and manually. Excel gets overwhelmed with Human Resource data.

Some of the most important factors are:

  • Lack of control & security: It is critical to maintaining proper strong data protection in human resources. The data must be highly secure, with only authorized individuals having access to it; otherwise, the data can be misused and manipulated.
  • Susceptible to human error: when entering data into Excel, any other special character may be entered and the data may be entered incorrectly due to human error which cannot be validated.
  • Not recommended in the long run: Excel can only be used for a short period of time and with a limited number of users, whereas if the number grows along with the business, it becomes time-consuming and confusing to validate the data.
  • Time wastage in formulas: An important feature of Excel is its flexibility in working with formulas, where one must learn all the formulas and their applications from the ground up before learning to validate the data, whereas the software is simple to use and understand.
  • Difficult to troubleshoot or test: Excel is difficult for the average person to understand unless he has been trained or practiced, and it is extremely difficult to troubleshoot when a problem arises.
  • Not having a consistent pay-slip process: As a company grows, the number of employees also increases and the number of pay slips too. This gets complicated to generate and distribute pay slips from different documents. Pay slips are very important for employees as this is the proof in document form for the services they provide to the company.

Microsoft Excel has been a wonderful tool for running payrolls in the past, but with the ever-changing requirements for businesses, it can do as much and Cloud based payroll software like HR Chronicle, over the years, has replaced spreadsheets like excel. Software like HR Chronicle is easy to adapt and simple to use and implement. They not only save time when creating payroll but also ensure that payroll is error-free, and out of the box.

One most important reasons that many HR departments use excel sheets is that they think they don’t have the time for migration or budget to procure expensive Cloud HR software packages and manage them, but thankfully they are not correct when it comes to HR Chronicle.  HR Chronicle is the Leading Cloud Based HR and Payroll Management Software of GCC Region; which is cost-effective, and implementation and migration can be done very easily, out of the box.

HR Chronicle is the best software for creating payrolls over the years it has earned the trust of many businesses, and it is a leading payroll management software in the GCC region, with industry standards certification.

HR Chronicle is the Leading HR and Payroll Management software in the UAE Region. HR Chronicle is fully compliant with GCC country rules out of the box.

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