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Why are organizations opting for Cloud-based HR software?

Cloud-based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) helps HR teams to work efficiently on a well-coordinated, automatic platform with easy access to employee data anytime, anywhere.  Today these systems form an essential element for any organization – big or small. Cloud-based systems have several advantages in the modern workplace and can help expedite various workforce management tasks as well as boost effectiveness and productivity. A Cloud HRMS is your one-stop solution for all your HR and payroll needs.

Some of the benefits of a Cloud Based HRMS are as follows are listed below.

Management Advantages

You can access it from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop at any time and from any location. A cloud-based system enables quick access to applications in a personalized, self-service, connected, and secure environment, thereby reducing the time required to work with multiple systems. The trend benefits businesses that want to give their employees some liberty.

Easy to install and maintain

While going with on-premise software the organization needs to have physical installation at their location, must use your own organization’s infrastructure when installing on-premise software. Installation and setup can be time-consuming, interfering with your daily business operations. Your organization will also be in charge of its maintenance.

A cloud-based HR software, on the other hand, is simple to install and use because it is hosted over the Internet. The software provider will handle the entire installation, and after that, it will be like renting the service. The vendor will provide all support and customer care. The only prerequisite for using it is a reliable internet connection.

 Data Security

When using the cloud, the service provider is typically in charge and will have additional tools available because they use market-leading data centers to deliver the service, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. These data centers have built-in security features that the cloud service providers use to provide greater security for your data.


The work is continuously evolving, you require software or a human resource management system that can be modified to meet shifting company requirements. An extremely flexible cloud-based solution makes it simple to modify the current setup. Simply get in touch with the company providing your HR services, and all your modifications will be put into effect right away. It also enables you to pick only the features you believe are essential for your business.

 Low Cost

On-premise HR software has additional costs, which means you will have to pay for everything, from obtaining a software license, purchasing hardware to training employees to maintain security. However, with cloud-based HR software, you can pay monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription fees rather than purchasing the software. This means that the cost of getting started with a cloud version is usually much lower compared to acquiring an on-premise version. In addition, there are no installation, Server and hardware requirement, maintenance fees with cloud-based HR software, and software updates are covered with subscription cost.

Centralized accessibility

One of the prominent features of using a cloud-based HR and payroll tool is its centralized management and accessibility. You can integrate data and access it on multiple devices from multiple locations at any time. Mobile accessibility has made HR operations a breeze since employees can now keep a track of their attendance, leaves, reimbursements, loans, document expiry and more on the go.

Compliance and consistency

Optimal employee management demands consistency. How does cloud HRMS help here? Cloud software maintains consistency while catering to your HR and employee needs across all outlets of your organization. It ensures there are no compliance or consistency issues.

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