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What your HRMS should contain for the GCC region

The success of any firm depends on its human resources. Thus, businesses are constantly looking for the newest techniques, procedures, and technological advancements to aid in the seamless operation of the HR department.

If you choose the best option for your business, HRMS is one of the most powerful technologies that can completely revamp your HR division. HR can easily get overwhelmed with day-to-day activities if you don’t have the proper human resource management system in place, which leads to inefficiencies in the organization.

Some of the points to consider while choosing HRMS for the GCC region:

GCC Labor Law Compliance
While choosing the HR and Payroll Software in GCC; you must first evaluate whether the software is compliant with GCC Labor law.   All the companies in GCC have some legal obligations towards their employees, and it is important they follow them to avoid fines and legal actions.

Employee Data Management
It takes a lot of work to manage employee files. That’s why every good HR management system has a module that focuses on assisting you with the challenges of managing employee data. The component will make it easier for you to digitally store employee data, including important dates, personal information, salary, and work history.

Also, as per Article 53 and Article 54 of UAE Labor law (FEDERAL LAW NO. (8) OF 1980), it is mandatory to store employee data.

Benefits management
An HRMS’s leave management section comes equipped with a number of features that will assist you in better overcoming all of your obstacles. While integrating all of the data with payroll management, will assist you in managing employee timesheets, sketching out roaster schedules, keeping up with leave requests, and more.

Payroll Management
By automating your payout process, you can reduce the amount of manual labor required for payroll management. Automating the Bank file that is required for WPS as well; will free HR from the need to manually create it.

Attendance, absence, and leave management
An HRMS’s leave management section comes equipped with several features that will assist you in better overcoming all your obstacles. While integrating all the data with payroll management, it will assist you in managing employee timesheets, sketching out roaster schedules, keeping up with leave requests, and more. Also, as per Article 74 – 90 of UAE labor law, employees will be entitled to different types of leaves, and it should be easily configured.

Company Policies
Apart from GCC Labor law compliance, some companies will have their own policies in place; it is needed to make sure the HRM system is easily configurable.

Centralized database
The days of keeping stacks of papers, spreadsheets, and documents in folders that you can’t even remember where they are long gone. An HRMS’s centralized database will make it easier to store all the department’s data in one place that everyone can easily access. You will be able to receive real-time data updates, and reminder notifications which will improve the accuracy of the data. Because a good HRMS has encryptions and multiple layers of security measures, the confidential data’s security will be improved.

 Reports and analytics
Another important part of an HR management system is the creation of reports and analytics. You can gain a thorough understanding of what is going on in your company’s HR department thanks to the module’s comprehensive reporting and analytical capabilities. As a result, you’ll be able to come up with better HR strategies to boost the department’s operations and, ultimately, the company’s bottom line.

Employee Self Service and Mobile App
Employee Self-service and Mobile App have been the need of all companies. Now HR wants the employee to have the data and policies handy.  By having ESS and Mobile App, a lot of questions of the HR department are answered.

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