Published On: August 24th, 2023 / Last Updated: August 14th, 2023 / 2.4 min read /

Understanding DIFC Employee Workplace Savings Plan (DEWS) File Reporting Format

This file was developed to give employers the information they need to complete the DEWS Upload File (the “Upload File”) appropriately and efficiently.

What is a DEWS upload file?

The Upload File is the template for entering your employee’s data and contribution amounts, such as Visa details, basic pay details, employee contribution amounts, etc.

  • Each person that is on the monthly payroll file requires a distinct line.
  • The file is uploaded in CSV format; therefore, commas are not permitted within the data of the file.
  • The file must only be uploaded in English language, please do not use Arabic characters.
  • DEWS Payment is made in USD Currency.

Please see the below information which is required to be presented in

Column NoFields in Upload TemplateField Description
1Employer IDUnique Company ID provided by DEWS
2Member TypeIndicate whether an employee is a ‘Mandatory’ enrollee or a ‘Discretionary’ enrollee into the DEWS Plan
3Contribution Due DateDate Between the start and end date of the month
4TitleTitle of the employee.
5First NameLegal First Name (Passport)
6Middle NameLegal Middle Name (Passport)
7SurnameLegal Surname (Passport)
8Employee IDCompany Employee ID
9Birth DateDate of Birth
11National ID Number 1Passport Number of Employee
12National ID Number 2Emirates ID number of the employee
13Address 1First line of the employee’s address
14Address 2Second line of the employee’s address
15Address 3Third line of the employee’s address
16CityCity of the employee’s address
17Country of ResidenceCountry of the employee’s address
18NationalityEmployee Nationality
19Email AddressOffice Email Address
20Secondary Email AddressPersonal Email Address
21Phone NumberEmployee Phone Number
22Visa NumberDIFC Visa Number starting with 201
23Employment Start DateEmployee Start Date with Company
24Exit DateEmployee’s service end date, only be completed if the employee has left service
25Exit Reason CodeExit Reason Code
26USD SalaryBasic Salary in USD
27Employer Contribution AmountMonthly Employer Contribution Amount
28Employee Contribution AmountMonthly Employee Contribution Amount (Optional)
29PreviousPrevious Accrued Gratuity status
30Employer Contribution PercentEmployer Contribution Percentage
31Employee Contribution PercentEmployee Contribution Percentage
32Payroll NameOptional fields, update “Default” here

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