Published On: March 16th, 2023 / Last Updated: March 16th, 2023 / 2 min read /

UAE announces Ramadan work hours for private and federal employees

According to UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) Article 15 of the Cabinet Resolution No. 1 of 2022, Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021 on the Regulation of Labour Relations and its amendments. The official work timings for private sector employees during the holy month of Ramadan would be reduced by two during the holy month. Ramadan is expected to begin in the UAE on March 23.

According to the ministry, private sector workers typically put in eight hours each day, or 48 hours per week. This will be cut down to six hours per day, or 36 hours per week.

In a circular released in this regard, the ministry said: “In line with the requirements and nature of their job, firms may adopt flexible or remote work patterns within the boundaries of the daily working hours during the days of Ramadan.” Any additional hours worked could be considered overtime, and extra pay would be due to the employees for those hours.

Working hours for Federal employees

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) issued a circular setting the official working hours during the holy month of Ramadan for the employees of federal authorities.

According to the circular, the official working hours for ministries and federal authorities will be from 9 am to 2.30 pm from Monday to Thursday, and from 9 am to 12 pm on Friday.

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