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Top HR Trends of 2018

At HR Chronicle we take a look at the top HR Trends of 2018, lets dive in.

The HR Departments will no longer be boring

As we move forward, in the ever global workforce, HR Department’s work will no longer be boring, why do we say this?  There will be work, but there won’t be the same 09 to 05 type of permanent jobs, anymore.  You may have teams working in different time zones, different schedules, they may be permanent, contractor, GIG-based, full time, part-time, the workforce would be anything but permanent, one size fits all approach.  As the race to keep productivity high, for getting the best bang for every buck and organization spends.  The HR departments need to prepare themselves for these changes, they would have to embrace tech, like no other department, because the drawbacks of doing it, is way beyond just simple delays, but could be costly compliance shortcomings related to taxation, to employee dissatisfaction, productivity lost, in terms of time, and much much more.  If you are planning to run an HR department on spreadsheets, think again, without a dependable solution it is like you are planning to commit professional suicide for the whole organization, not only for yourself.

This is the information age

Well if you don’t know before your employee when they would resign or leave you, you are in for a surprise and cannot plan a replacement, especially now when competition is at its best.  Costs need to be kept in check, so make peace with this information age, where technologies like Artificial Intelligence, will actually tell you much more than the employee know themselves, examples are when your employees are expected to resign, get fired, apply for leaves, due for a raise, and the list is endless, the beauty is it can help in employee retention, cost reduction, attrition, so many applications, so you better start preparing to capture as much information as you can within the organization because the information is the new blood of the organization in this age.  Get a rock-solid solution to start off with this.

The minimum expected standard for Gen Z

As we all know that there is a minimum standard for all facilities we use, be it computers, flights, cars, or any other thing.  Employees of today’s workforce expect your organization, to have basic bare minimum HR Tech, for example, a mobile app, to apply leaves, a self-service portal, to view information and update personal information, do appraisals, payslips through email, connect with HR departments and much more.  So if you do not start preparing for that minimum standard, you may be missing out on some brilliant minds.

Finally to conclude is employees are expecting a better employee experience, not employee engagement, HR departments will have to move beyond employee engagement to create a positive employee experience with their workforce, which can bring out the best in their workforce.

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