Published On: October 5th, 2017 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 2.3 min read /

Tips for HR to manage employee documents with HR Chronicle

Often times HR has to comply with so many legal regulations, it is burdened with paperwork, that they can’t focus on other value-adding activities, such as employee development and retention.  HR Chronicle has a strong employee document management feature out of the box, which will save time and help focus on whats more important.  Below are some key pointers, how HR Chronicle document management can help HR departments be more productive:

Update Document Information

There can be different employee documents like Passport, Visa, Emirates ID, Health Card, Work Permits, etc.  HR Can update these document details like date of issue, place of issue and date of expiry and related details on the fly.  Get intelligent reporting out of it.

Employees can also login to Self Service or Mobile App can view the document details.  Also Employees can be given an option to update the details which are personal to them, like Passport, HR can simply verify and approve them, eliminating data entry at all.

Reminders for document expiry

HR can set the reminders for these documents.  Usually if you miss renewing a document i.e. work permits, insurance cards, etc there are more risks associated to it, than simply financial penalties.  HR can set a maximum of 4 levels of reminders in HR chronicle.  Example fist reminder 30 days before expiry, second 15 days before expiry and so on.  Also HR can set different notifiers, i.e. different email ids to be notified, for different documents, for instance for labour contracts, it could go to the PRO or Senior Managers, for Passports, it could go to the employee themselves, never let your documents expire.

Upload the documents

HR can upload the employee documents, by just scanning the documents.  They can upload the document with these extensions:  doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, bmp, png, jpeg, jpg.  Once the documents are uploaded, Employees can login to Self Service or Mobile App can download the documents.

Reduce the employee request for documents

Employees usually request for passport copy, visa copy, work permits, for various purposes.  Once it is updated on the system they can easily find the details on Employee Self Service and Mobile App and can download it anytime.  No more mails to HR for document requests.

Employers can update company policies and forms

HR can also upload company related policies and forms.  So that employee can login and view the company related policies and forms and also can download it.  Single place to manage all company related employee documents, at your disposal.

With these features at your disposal, it not only saves HR precious time, but also helps avoid lot of repetitive requests and paperwork.

Contact us to find out how HR Chronicle can help you organize your document management.

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