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Time Off In Lieu; Can your HR and Payroll Solution Automate!

With no shortfall of HR and Payroll Solutions in today’s sophisticated technology marketplace. You are bound to have multitude of features, from leave management to appraisals, payroll, over time, employee profiles and much much more.

Today we have a look at one of the least used features when it comes to relating time with pay. Time Off in Lieu often referred to as (TOIL).

TOIL is a process, in which employees are rewarded for the additional non-standard working hours they put in during a normal business day. The TOIL process has to be aligned in a simplistic yet efficient way to be able to fully make use of it.

Lets have a look at an ideal process example.

  • An employee works an 11 hour work day instead of standard 8 hours, i.e. 3 additional hours a day.
  • These 3 additional hours have to be accounted for by the Time and Attendance System, as worked Over Time as a non standard Over Time, for which TOIL can be requested.
  • Once we have additional hours, you should give the employees an option on the system to check how many hours they have accumulated over a period of time, i.e. if they have worked for 4 days in the week for 3 hours a day extra, they should clearly see 12 hours.
  • Then the employee should have the ability to actually request hours off, on a particular work day, in Lieu of these worked hours, a typical scenario would be to request 4 hours off, i.e. half day or 8 hours that is a complete day off.
  • An important thing which the system should account for is not deduct this day off from the annual leave entitlement or mark it as an unpaid leave, the Time & Attendance and Leave Management and Payroll should sync this calculation and make sure it is managed correctly and do not deduct any salary as part of unpaid leave or the deduct a day from the annual leave entitlement.
  • The process is simple in nature, but there could be many options available, for instance you may want to reimburse the employees overtime pay rather than a day off or add the days accumulated with the annual leave entitlement in certain cases, the system should be flexible enough to allow you to do that.
  • Not to mention allowing an employee to keep accurate track of extra hours pit in, will definitely motivate your team members to perform in a more efficient way.

The above example only gives you an insight how you can easily manage the TOIL process, there could be many options and policies and procedures, which are specific to each organisation. If you are implementing an HR and Payroll Solution, ensure you discuss all these aspects with your vendor to avoid any surprises.

HR Chronicle has a very powerful TOIL process engine to help you navigate your TOIL process and align with internal organisational policy and procedures.

Give us a shout to find out more about HR Chronicle or simply to say hi or discuss a requirement !

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