Published On: June 14th, 2020 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 1.9 min read /

The world has already moved to Cloud based HR and Payroll Solutions, have you made your move yet?

Cloud solution is the cornerstone of an exploding number of startups and is a growing trend in large organizations. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and professionals are leading the adoption of Cloud technology, like never before.  With the current situation and work from home to stay, even longer and become the norm rather than the exception, it is all the more important, to adopt the Cloud for your HR and Payroll needs.

There are a lot of advantages of on premise installed applications over the spreadsheets, for bringing in cost efficiency and increased revenue. However, the ever changing cost of upgrading hardware, software and in-house IT costs, still remains fixed and ongoing and something we cannot completely avoid.

With the adoption of Cloud Solution, you no longer have associated yourself or locked into any long term liabilities.

Cloud Solutions are available without any investment in IT infrastructure and Annual Maintenance Support Charges. All these charges are builtin into one easy subscription model.  Support teams are usually and always a phone call or an email away. With flexible payment terms and with added discounts for the yearly payments, you can get the best bang for your IT bucks.

With flexibility to access the data on the go, with minimal technical requirements, usually internet access and laptops, have made the life of an HR department a lot easier. The systems are available 24 x 7, processes like payroll can be done anytime, as there is no limitation to work during the business hours or outside hours, no VPN connection issue, no remote access policy issues.

HR Chronicle is the leading cloud-based HR and Payroll management Software of the middle east region. With a rock solid support team years of experience, and a solid solution, we surely can be a part of your cloud adoption strategy.

We are sure you will want to know more.  HR Chronicle is a leading Cloud Based HR and Payroll Software, we have served our customers since 2006 that’s when the very first version of HR Chronicle came out, HR Chronicle is available in 2 flavors, Cloud Based and On Premise. To know more give us a shout, we will happy to discuss more.

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