Published On: February 8th, 2018 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 2.3 min read /

System Flexibility; The Focal Point Concept in HR and Payroll Solutions

You have already planned and selected the solution of your choice for HR and Payroll Processes, you are now ready to go and press ahead with the installation and fine details moving towards starting the deployment.

But you have just bumped into a very simple yet a could be show stopper.

You are running a factory and not everyone of your workers are tech savvy, neither they are interested nor eager to learn as they work in more specialized domains in what they do.

Now what will happen to the workflow processes you would want to automate and align in line with company vision, what will happen to leave requests which were to now only come through the employee self service in a paperless environment, in your new age HR Solution, where employees could login and put a request on their own individually.

What will now happen to expense requests, or HR queries which are required to be more transparent and automated with the introduction of the new solution, you are trying to deploy.

Well that’s where the Focal Point concept comes into the picture. Many HR and Payroll Solutions will give you a concept of Focal Point or On Behalf Of, where a Manager or Supervisor can act on behalf of the individual employee and place requests and take necessary actions on those requests on behalf of the employee, rather than the employee placing the requests, thereby creating an either or scenario, so its either the employee can do transactions on their own or the Focal Point can act on their behalf

You can assign a Group of Employees to a Focal Point, who can be a direct supervisor, a manager, or simply an assistant to facilitate only this.

As we aim to go paperless and automate everything, this can be a very important feature you might want to have. This will achieve the process automation objectives, at the same time, not disturb the current processes and simply eliminate paper and make sure all information is present in real time on the system, facilitating faster decision making. This will also help slowly getting all on board in a more time relaxed manner, when it suits the operations.

With HR Chronicle you can have many configuration levels, you can have a simplistic yet sophisticated and a very powerful Focal Point process in place.

Give us a shout to know how HR Chronicle can assist you in helping you automate your HR and Payroll Processes, we are confident, with our complete, cloud based HR and Payroll Solutions, you are bound to find a reliable and powerful solution to meet your needs.

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