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Switching to HR Chronicle

If you are experiencing issues with your current HR software or you’re simply looking to change your HR system to more modern, advanced features and user friendly system i.e. HR Chronicle, then below are some simple steps which you need to follow during the switch:

1. Extract Your Data

You’ll need to pull all of the information from your existing HR system and save it a structured readable file i.e. Excel or csv or txt files.  If you face any difficulty on this, then you can take the support of the existing  HR system vendor.

2. Upload Your Data

Once you existing data extract is completed, check your data and make sure it’s all accurate and up to date.  HR Chronicle system will provide you the template in .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Worksheet).  Once you have populated the templates with your data, then just login into the HR Chronicle and just upload it.  With our easy to use migration templates loading your existing data will be an easy one.

If your data is in complex formats which cannot be populated in excel templates sheets, give us a shout, we will make a custom migration routine just for you, so you don’t have to invest your time in complex data processing.

If your data is held in a database like MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle or any other database format, you can simply give it to us, we can migrate all of the needed data on the fly.

Cannot get better than this.  We have built countless data migration utilities to help migrate data from other systems.

3. Verify Your Data

Once the uploading the data is done, audit the work. This phase is very important.  Login to HR Chronicle and compare the data with your old system data.  Try to run the trial payroll and also do some trial testing.  If something is not right then HR Chronicle Support team can always help identify the cause.

As you can see it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to switch to HR Chronicle.

Ready to make the switch. Contact us now !

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