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Simplified overtime management integrated with payroll

Overtime can be defined as time worked beyond an agreed workweek.  Overtime process is a time consuming and frustrating process, it is not only an administrative burden for the HR department but also supervisors and eligible employees.  Overtime can wreak havoc on the operating budget of companies.  It therefore needs to be handled with care and precision.

Traditionally, overtime application forms are submitted to the supervisor and passed to payroll department followed by HR.  The key in the process is to get the overtime to accurately calculate the values, which is a complex and a time-consuming task.  If values are incorrectly calculated it directly affects the employee morale.

To reduce the load of an organization, HR Chronicle includes standard overtime management features right into it.  Overtime management in HR Chronicle can replace the unproductive manual paper based process which is both time and resource intensive, with enormous features and functions by utilizing the latest technology at hand.

HR Chronicle defines different ways of managing Overtime.

  • First method is, the employees can apply for the overtime through Employee Self Service login and their managers or HR can easily approve it.  Also, there is no need for manual calculation, as the system automatically calculates and includes it in the payroll.  HR can generate the payroll report to make sure everything is going right by way of control reports available.
  • The second method is without using Employee Self Service, HR can generate the excel template for overtime and then fill it, with information like the date of overtime, hours worked on overtime slab which are predefined on the system.  Once filled it can be uploaded to the system, the values are auto calculated and added to the payroll.
  • Finally, you can also automatically integrate with the Time and Attendance system and push the login and logout details to HR Chronicle, HR Chronicle will then calculate overtime hours automatically based on the policy configuration and include in the payroll.

With a strong reporting tool, you will able to get any reports instantly.  With the intention of reducing the administrative burden of HR department, we developed this feature in HR Chronicle which is a standard feature. This is a simple yet much needed and one of the most time consuming processes during the payroll process.

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