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Simplified Holiday Management

Holiday management has been one of the most time consuming task of the HR departments of organizations. Two of the most common holiday management issues which employees face today are:

Understanding leave entitlement

Often employees don’t understand their annual leave entitlement, how is it arrived at, how previous leaves taken are accounted for. It is advisable for the HR team to always make sure the leave policy is clearly worded, employees can then understand the calculations in a more accurate way.

Leave planning

Often we find employees working in the same department or section having to apply leaves well in advance. One way of avoiding conflicts, is to make sure all employees are able to see their team leave calendars, so they can plan the leaves accordingly. Before even applying each team member will have first hand information of approved leave plans for their colleagues.

There is no shortage of Cloud based HR and Payroll Solutions today. However the smartest of the systems are those which have a reasonable user interface and a very strong logical engine to make all of the simplicity happen.

We at HR Chronicle have simple features to make holiday management a breeze.

  • The HR department can define different Leave management policies, for different groups of employees as per the eligibility criteria. Employees can login to Employee Self-Service portal and check their leave balances at any moment of time and also generate their leave history along with the way the system actually arrived at that figure giving them the fine print of how the leaves were actually calculated from the system. Reducing queries to the HR department and saving much needed time at both ends.
  • Yet another simple but useful feature is the Team Calendar, no more asking colleagues when they are going for leaves and no more conflicts. Here the employees can see their entire team’s calendar and plan leaves accordingly, in real time. Managers and Approvers have a full view of their entire teams working under them for leave planning, they can take better informed decisions. No more requesting leave reports every month from HR departments, saving time.
  • Don’t have access to the system, not a problem, HR Chronicle also gives you the ability to act as a Focal Point for your team, usually the department manager or head. The Focal Point can apply leaves on behalf of employees. So, no more waiting for HR team, they can ask their Focal Points to act on behalf of themselves.

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HR Chronicle is a Cloud Based HR and Payroll Management Solution, which can also be install as an On-Premise Solution.

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