Published On: March 23rd, 2018 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 2.9 min read /

Should Small & Medium businesses opt for HR Software; is it worth the investment?

HR Software is not only beneficial for bigger organizations, it can add value to SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) also.  SME’s often assume that the cost of the HR Software will be high and not in their budget, they also of the opinion that they are flexible using workbooks and other manual entry procedures and still some use paperwork, so they usually use a combination of automatic and manual procedures.

But they may be wrong in this case, below are some of the reasons, which provide an edge in using an HR Software rather than doing manual work.  The distinction of organization size is no longer a criteria for using or not using an HR Software, we take a look at some of the key pointers.

  • Size of the Company; The Size of the company doesn’t matter, even if you have 2 employees, you can go for HR Software, while building a company you always think of growing.  So, it’s a good idea to keep records organized for easy compliance with local regulations, intact from the beginning.
  • Cost; With the availability of so many cloud based hr software solutions, cost may no longer be relevant, most likely it is bound to be less than you have even budgeted, make sure you choose your vendor or solution provider in the correct way.
  • Flexibility; You cannot take your workbooks or manual procedures on the move. Yes, with cloud based HR Solutions, you have the flexibility to access it from any part of the word.  All you may need is a web browser, this gives you absolute flexibility and you are sure you have the required information with you all the time and more importantly you can depend on it.
  • Accuracy; With an automated solution you are sure, you have accurate calculations, so you need not worry of local compliance regulations, related to leaves, end of service benefits, pensions, you have all this automated, all you need to do is run spot checks, many applications have control checklists built in, so you can spot logical calculation differences easily.
  • Mobile App; Many mature solutions, now have mobile apps, which give the employee ability to do certain functions, like attendance, leave applications, approvals, expense requests, payslip viewing, making it even more easier, for small one man HR departments, to give information at the tips of employees, rather than, contacting HR for every single request.
  • Reports; Generating reports on the month end and spending lot of time in calculations.  Sounds tiring, isn’t it ?  With the Cloud based HR Solutions, you can generate the reports whenever and whatever you want, you have the full control in your hands.

By switching to an automated HR Solution, you save lot of time of the employees who process your HR and Payroll related tasks, which can be used towards other core activities.

HR Chronicle is leading cloud based HR and Payroll Management Software, with HR and Payroll, Employee Self Service, Mobile App and also 100% GCC compliant.  Technically HR Chronicle Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure Platform, with all checks and balances you can expect from an enterprise grade solution.

With a very competitive price point and uncompromising on technology, you are sure you are in safe hands.

Give us a shout to find out, how we helped many organizations make the dreaded move from manual HR and Payroll Processing to a fully automated Cloud Based HR and Payroll Solution.

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