Published On: November 23rd, 2017 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 1.5 min read /

Seamless HR communication with employees through a Mobile App

Often HR departments depend on mailing lists, distribution lists available on the corporate unified communication systems or emailing systems, to communicate with their employees.  With some corporate emailing systems having restrictions to be used on mobiles, its often difficult to check emails regularly.  Especially when people work from home on VPNs, onsite at customer locations, multiple geographies, where networks are not controlled by your own IT department.  Importantly the mailing lists are fixed and have no direct connection to the way HR can make selection of employees the message is intended for.

We at HR Chronicle make the business of communication with the employees a breeze.  Whether it is company events, or regular communication, lets have a look at how HR Chronicle redefines the way HR can communicate to stakeholders.

  • All communication can be sent via a push notification in the Mobile App or normal company email.You can choose between the type of messages, whether events or general communication.
    You can target the group of employees to be in a specific department or role or locations, which gives you added flexibility to target only intended employees.
  • Communication log for future historical reference.
  • All communication sent is also visible on Employee Self Service and Mobile App for the employee reference.

HR Chronicle is a mature product, we keep releasing many new and exciting features based on customer feedback, continuously enhancing value it adds to your business, whether you are big organization with 1000’s of employees or not so big an organization, we are sure HR Chronicle can add value to your business at very competitive price point.

We have more interesting features in HR Chronicle, Get in touch to know more.

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