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Powerful Cloud Based Employee Self Service Tool

Employee is the vital resource of a company. Employees often will have some queries regarding their role in the organization, their benefits, day to day policies. They would also like to know their leave balances, expenses, unpaid deductions and more information alike. In such a situation employee turns around to the HR with a query. Now HR must invest the time in record keeping pulling the reports and providing the exact and accurate information to the employees. Sometimes HR may be busy in other priorities and employees need to do continuous follow-ups with the HR department to get the information needed. In todays environment where we have global head offices where HR department is often central to all branch offices world wide, this makes it slightly more complex, with differences in time zones and similar factors.

Every Employee needs to know the profile details, leave balances, expenses, reason for deductions, company policies and other such information, as this is the basic right of the employee in an organization.

To address these situations, HR Chronicle has a Powerful Cloud Based Employee Self Service Tool. This tool is a secure web portal and is not only limited to the features mentioned above, but is fully loaded with multitude of features and a Mobile App. The most important features are its MENU and DASHBOARD is HR controllable, that means whatever information HR wants to show to the employee, only that information is visible, the rest can be hidden, which is not needed.

Worried whether employees will make changes to their records and will make double up on the amount of work for HR? absolutely not !

Employees cannot do any changes on their own. If any changes need to be done, then it has to have atleast 1 approval for the changes to be recorded on the system. So imagine HR department only viewing records making sure there is no unwanted or unreasonable information, can simply read the information which is to updated and approve it, no more data entry, the employee is responsible for the data entry they do for critical things like, bank account information, passport information, dependent information.

We take a look at some of the key features available in Employee Self Service Portal:

  • Powerful Dashboard: Employees can view their key highlights of data, i.e. any documents expiring such as passport, work permits, id cards, download company policies, leave balances, on the very 1st screen.
  • Employee Profile: Here employees can see profile related information like documents, bank accounts, pay-slips, leave history, team calendar, policies of company and much more.
  • Requests: Employee can apply for the leave, expense, loan, air-ticket, timesheet and upload scanned documents, overtime, performance appraisal forms and other such requests, which will initiate the process to send the request for approvals as defined in the workflow.
  • Workflow: Employees can check the status for all their requests whether it is approved, rejected or still in pending status. where the line managers can approve/reject the request of the employees. Also, they can check the leave calendar before approving their department leaves.
  • Team Calendars: Employees and Managers can view planned leave calendars for their team members under their organization hierarchy, this is very useful when you have multiple people from the same team apply leaves to avoid overlap.
  • Mobile App: All Self Service requests can also be requested and approved from the mobile app with push notifications.
  • Email Notifications: Email notifiers are sent when each request is requested / approved / rejected/sent for further approval, with power workflow configuration at your tip.

HR Chronicle Employee Self Service is not only limited to the above features, above is just a brief summary for the key features. We are HR-employee friendly tool.

Contact us to find out about more powerful features of HR Chronicle’s Employee Self Service Tool.

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