Oman Holiday Calendar 2022

List of Holidays in Oman in Calendar Year 2022

DateDay of the weekHoliday NameComments
March 01, 2022TuesdayIsra’a Wal Miraj
May 03, 2022TuesdayEid Al Fitr
May 04, 2022WednesdayEid Al Fitr
May 05, 2022ThursdayEid Al Fitr
May 06, 2022FridayEid Al Fitr
July 10, 2022 *SundayEid Al Adha
July 11, 2022 *MondayEid Al Adha
July 12, 2022 *TuesdayEid Al Adha
July 13, 2022 *WednesdayEid Al Adha
July 31, 2022 *SundayIslamic New Year (Hijri New Year)
October 09, 2022 *SaturdayProphet’s (PBUH) Birthday
November 18, 2022ThursdayOman National Day
November 19, 2022FridayOman National Day

* exact dates are subject to moon sightings and may change

The official workweek in Oman is from Sunday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday are weekly holidays.