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Misconception on why employees resign

The employees are the most valuable assets of an organization and their key to success. They are the ones who contribute effectively towards the successful functioning of an organization. But sometimes, the employee decides to quit an organization, and there can be many reasons for this.  Employees will not share the real reason with the employer to keep this professional image clear.  This leads to misconceptions in the organization about why he is quitting the job.

Below are some of the misconceptions about why employees leave the organization.

  1. Work Pressure

Especially in startup companies, there’s a silly belief that employees leave the organization because they cannot handle the pressure of working in a startup. Rarely is that the case. But if this is the case then it can be easily communicated with their managers.  Most probably employees leave the organization when their needs are not met; not because work is hard.  The employee in the larger organization will have fewer responsibilities and will be willing to contribute more, but they are no scope for it.  Hence, they may think their talent is getting wasted.

  1. Better Pay

One of the most common misconceptions about an employee leaving the organization is salary hikes.  But it is again not true.  As per one of the surveys, Salary is the third factor that influences their decision in leaving the organization. Personal Development and Work-Life Balance are the main factors in this decision-making.

  1. Managers cannot retain their Team

Managers are an important part of the work life of employees, but they’re not the only reason that employees leave. Managers should always discuss with their team the problems that employee is facing and should be friendly and supportive.  Sometimes Unfair pay, confusing work, and poor communication in the team all of which may be the fault of the company, not the manager can all be causes of employee dissatisfaction.

  1. New joiners are more likely to leave

HR recruiters often assume that new joiners are more like to leave the organizations during their probation period.  But fact says that; new employees are more curious about their new job and what to learn more and gain more experience from the new organization. Likely, employees who have worked for a longer time in the organization have more experience and more skills and are about to leave.

  1. Employees Don’t Care About the Company

Finally, It is important to remember that employees care about the company’s success; they spend around 40+ hours a week at the work location.  Their want to be the pride of their work and their company. They love their job and the organization, so they are there.  If they don’t care about the company; then there are some miscommunications between employees and the company which HR needs to figure out.

Employee retention is very important. But it can only be successful if your company understands how it works and is willing to take the right steps to change it.

These were some of the misconceptions about why people end up leaving organizations. Remember that there might be a bigger picture than what you know. Try to learn more about the issues of employees than just assuming the standard reasons.

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