Published On: April 2nd, 2017 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 2.7 min read /

Is Leave Management a Really Complicated Process?

It has been normally seen that in the traditional system of leave applications, delays in acknowledging the application followed by its approval and sometimes rejection without specifying reasons, are bound to happen.

Some of the Real Challenges in the leave management process are:

  • Employees were uninformed about their leave balances –  A Typical HR department received more than 100 queries each week about employee leave balances.  It consumed a lot of time and kept HR away from focusing on core business activities that mattered the most.  On the other hand, employees had to wait for long to know their leave balances.  A continuous pattern of delay in the leave approval increased frustration amongst employees.
  • Employees are also unaware of their team leaves – When the employee has to apply for a leave, he is unaware of whether other employee from same team has applied for leave on the same day.  This includes lot of time spending issues, enquiring each employee in his team about it.
  • Line Managers were not able to manage leaves of their team members – Managers were unable to get insights about the availability of the team members in a specific time period.  Also were not able to identify the patterns of leave requests of employees who take undue advantage of the leave policy.  Managers not able to get any alert for the leave request from the employee.
  • Increased payroll errors due to no proper Leave Rejoin Process – There was no proper documentation on Leave rejoin, whether the employee was back to work after his leave period. This caused lot of payroll errors.

To make this process very simple, we team of HR Chronicle have understood the need for it, we have overcome all the challenges of Leave Management and made life easy both for HR and Employees.  So below are some reasons why HR Chronicle is a better for to manage your leaves:

  • In HR Chronicle Employee Self Service, employees are aware of their leave type and leave balances.
  • In HR Chronicle employees have access to their Team Calendar, so that leave can be planned accordingly and save lot of time enquiring it within the group.
  • Managers can see their team calendar and ensure availability of the team members at a specific time-period.  Also they get email alerts on the type of leave applied by the employees.
  • Once the employee, is back from vacation he/she would apply for Leave rejoin that confirms his presence.  With this leave rejoin process, payroll too is carried in a smoother way, as system had proper documentation and compliance and actions of leaves and rejoins.
  • All Information is available on a Mobile Application, which is easily available on Play Store and App Store.  So, there is no need to login into the system each and every time, when you have power in your hands.

At HR Chronicle we take a very sophisticated, yet simple approach to Leave Management.  We feature a very rich engine with automated email triggers, checks and controls, to ensure no one has breached the compliance set on the system.  Information is stored and managed and authorized in a controlled and secured manner.  Contact us to for more information.

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