Published On: October 8th, 2018 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 2 min read /

Is HR Reporting a time consuming affair?

Do you spend hours putting together HR and Payroll reports for the month, for the week, for the year ?  If yes, then its time to switch to a smarter way of managing your HR and payroll reporting.  We all need reports, which are related to HR and Payroll for various reasons, like compliance, costing, budgeting, expenses, management, planning and the list goes on.  We take a look at some of the key features, your HR system should possess, to make your HR and Payroll reporting a straight forward, few clicks affair.

  • You should be able to have all reports available on the system, no more pivoting reports, with multiple excel sheets, manually, gathering data from multiple sources, your system should have all the reports, built-in, out of the box. PERIOD
  • Ability to filter the reports, based on certain criteria, like departments, designations, pay scales, payroll areas, resigned, only active employees, specific pay elements like allowances, or basic salary only, specific deductions, and so on.
  • You should have certain controls built in to the reports, like control totals, thresholds and similar controls, to spot differences related to human data entry error, immediately.
  • Ability to group all reports into a single excel file in different, tabs, rather than having 20 individual files.  This makes management of the files easier over email and for storage offline.
  • Ability to search reports, e.g. if your software has 150 reports, can you search only salary related reports, or reports related to a particular category.
  • Ability to group report records, inside each report, for example by payment currency, by location, by department, by grade, and so on.
  • Ability to view reports on screen before exporting them to pdf or excel or any other reporting formats.  Saves a lot of time.
  • You should be able to mark your most used monthly report set as favorites, so you can simply generate monthly report set with few clicks.  By clicking on favorites, and simply applying the filters you need and you should have your full monthly report set.

HR Chronicle has covered all the ground and much more.  HR Chronicle is a leading Cloud Based HR and Payroll Software, we have served our customers since 2006 that’s when the very first version of HR Chronicle came out, HR Chronicle is available in 2 flavors, Cloud Based and On Premise. To know more give us a shout, we will happy to discuss more.

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