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Is Asset Management and HR are interrelated?

HR Chronicle offers complete HR and payroll system which also includes assigning assets like electronic equipment, non-electronic assets, to employees that’s what called as Asset Management.  Assets can be IT Equipment like a laptop or mobile phone or more significantly a car.

An organization provides the assets to the employees and wants them to be in top working condition and also receive them back when the employee no longer needs them in the event of an upgrade or employee leaves the organization.

All too often when there are separate systems for individual tasks it creates a duplication of effort but also increases the opportunity for things to get missed – when the manager gave the employee his phone, was it a Samsung S7 or a Samsung S6 ? Was it white or was it red ? What was the serial number of the device ?

Although you may have well paper based process, where the manager records the information and send us the copy to you for filling and then sends it for respective department.  In this process there is a chance of paper getting missed and also takes lot of physical space of office.

By integrating asset management into the HR system, it allows the manager or HR to integrate the allocation of assets into the onboarding process – centrally you can find out what assets are available and where all your assets are.

When the time comes for the employee to leave, by having an asset check as a part of your exit process you can generate an asset report which shows all the assets assigned to that employee. So you know exactly what they should be returning – you know it was a black 32 GB Samsung S6.

Assuming the asset is still usable, you can check it re assign it again.  At a more granular level, you can find out how many phones you have in the organization but also when the warranty is expiring or how much they cost for budgeting.


This system not only keeps the record of the asset but also sends email reminder alerts based on the warranty expire days.  Also helps you to attach the purchase document regarding it.

With this system you can easily track Vehicle Traffic fines, laptop damage, and other asset physical damages.  So by integrating Asset Management with HR it saves the companies both time and money.

So we at HR Chronicle recognize the need of asset management in our HR and Payroll Solution, as we focus on HR and related processes to be simplified.

Please contact us for more information, let us help you align your HR and Payroll processes.

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