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Importance of an effective and easy to use Employee Evaluation System

In todays complex world of human resource and payroll management systems, very often managers overlook the importance of evaluating the employees’ performance.  It is important to make time for this critical process of evaluation employees on their goals, expectations, achievements of those goals and at the same time understand the level of employee performance, over a period of time, so his/her services can be utilized in the maximum productive way possible.

Keep it simple for the purpose of objectivity

It is important to keep the whole evaluation process simple, yet objective and quantifiable, having a lengthy bureaucratic process of endless forms will over ride the idea and only increase paperwork getting no ROI in your world of hr and payroll.

The process

There are many processes which are used for evaluating employees from single forms to multiple pages, we will just look at a simple case of workflow based process of evaluating employees

Define Performance Area

It is important to define the major areas an employee is expected to be reviewed on, e.g. a sales person may be reviewed by the way he writes proposals or the number of client meetings held in a month or a quarter.

Define clear single sentence objectives

Once it is clear what your employee has to focus on, you can then, be precise of what the company or manager is expecting from that employee, e.g. closing one single deal for 6 proposals sent to customers

Agree on objectives

Once the definition is setup, it is important to get the employee to review the objectives against each performance area, make sure the expectation is understood by the employee, to avoid any misunderstandings.

Self Evaluation

Give a chance to the employee to self evaluate his performance, this will create a kind of self responsibility, also will give an idea of how the employee thinks of his performance compare his/her own performance over a period of time.

Workflow based approach

Have a proper workflow defined  where employee will have full visibility of what managers think of them, so they can embark on a path of self improvement, thereby enhancing their productivity, in turn giving more output being the same person.

Having said that, HR Chronicle is most flexible and suitable to adapt to your HR and Payroll processes, you can design your evaluation process the way you like.  Whether you want to do a single form based evaluation or a multiple form based or workflow based evaluation mechanism, we can do it all.

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