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Is your HR Mobile App Employee Friendly?

An HR Mobile App should be employee-friendly, it shouldn’t force the employee to login into Employee Self Service Portal to check the information.  If any of your HR Service Provider, is providing the Mobile App then make sure that Mobile App has employee friendly features in it.  The Mobile App should reduce some work load from the HR.  Otherwise it would be useless if a service provider provides Mobile App but still employee cannot understand or cannot use it, due to its complexity.  Always have a Demo of the Mobile App to make sure the working of its features, as HR shouldn’t be cheated by fancy display and false promises.

We at HR Chronicle focus on a Mobile App that should be easy to use to both tech savvy and non tech savvy employees.  HR Chronicle Mobile App runs on both Android and iOs platforms.  The features we have added reduce some work pressure of the HR department, as the employees can find their answers what they are looking for easily.  Normally employees contact the HR to check their leave balance, to get their pay slips or in some cases to get documents copy (passport copy, visa copy, work permits, etc.).  With HR Chronicle Mobile App employees have all the answers in their hands, literally.  HR Chronicle Mobile App Dashboard is very informative and easily understandable.  Each menu and tabs are self-explanatory.  The features include:

  • Payroll History: where employees can view payroll details for any month from the date of joining and also can download it as a pdf file
  • Corporate Directory: Instead saving each employees email id and contact number into phone directory, this tab displays all employees’ contact details.
  • Paid Leave Summary: With this tab you  can view summary of leaves taken and available balances.
  • Document Details and Downloads: You can view the necessary document details and also expiry dates.  Also you have full control to download the documents when you need them for emailing or sending them to anyone you like.
  • Upload Document: Have an updated document, like a new passport, visa, etc, employees can upload the documents, off it goes to the approver for approval, so HR need not update it again.
  • Request: This is the most important and most used feature, where employees can apply for Leaves, Leave Rejoin, Expenses and check status of applied leaves and expenses.  Push notifications will be on the display for all request and approvals.  Attendance Log in and Log out feature also available with Geotagging, so employees punch in and out of a specific location.
  • Alerts: All the notifications for the request and approvals are stored here.
  • Approvals: This Tab is for the Approvers or Managers were they can approve or reject employees leave and expenses other requests.
  • Payroll Approvals: You can also approve payroll through the Mobile App, so authorizers need not login to the system to approve the payroll.
  • Events: It is an Employee Calendar which shows upcoming holidays, events and also his leave details.

What else can an employee ask for !  We have all  the basic features, one would need.  We constantly add more features.

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