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HR Friendly Reports In Your Cloud Based HR and Payroll Solution

A lot of organizations still work with ad-hoc data reports.  For example, when a manager or director wants to know something about the organization’s workforce, they ask HR to send them a report.  After this request, the HR department will work tirelessly to produce this report from different data sources, some of the data is held in other systems, some in excel sheets, some has to be manually derived on demand.  This is an example of reactive reporting, which results in significant time based effort and is generally an inefficient way of producing reports, especially when you need different data views, i.e. time based views on specific dates and other related data points.

HR reports should be such that it is available pro-actively rather than a reactive way and should, therefore, be automated.

To overcome this scenario, we at HR Chronicle have a cloud based HR and Payroll Solution, where we have designed a user-friendly Reporting Option, where HR can fetch any required report in no time.   Reporting Options include the filtering criteria, where you can filter the report in multiple ways based on your requirement, that is you can filter in terms of departments, roles, nationality, gender, location and many more such criteria and mix and match and arrive at a combination which works for you.

There some reports, which you need to generate every week or every month, so you may forget the names of the reports.  Nothing to worry, with the favorites options you can have all frequently used reports under a single place.

Currently HR Chronicle has 120+ standard reports built into the system by default.  If you are looking for something more or looking for custom report, no worries HR Chronicle report designer will give you the flexibility to design your own reports as required by your organization.

Key advantages of HR Chronicle Reports.

  • Any emerging problems can be addressed before they significantly impact the business. Data is the new oil, so you have the data to make informed decisions at hand to identify a would be problem.
  • HR reporting also offers a great way to track key problem areas in a clear way. If you cannot measure it, you cannot track it, hence you can have frequent reporting on demand to measure and track key trends.
  • With data available on demand to managers, they have m ore visibility at the department or business unit level, hence can make better and informed decisions.

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