Published On: March 2nd, 2017 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 1.1 min read /

HR should follow 4 key elements of Performance Management

Today’s workers expect change. Specifically, they expect to have the ability to change their goals as business needs change. They also expect to make changes using technology.
And that technology solution should mirror the experience they have in their personal lives – it should be intuitive, flexible, relevant, and current.

There four key elements to bring success in line with current performance management processes

1. Regular performance conversations.

Most organizations have some mechanism in place requiring managers and employees to meet once or twice a year. The timeliness of performance feedback helps the employee perform at a higher level.

2. WorkMate based feedback.

In addition to increased manager feedback, employees learn how to provide each other with performance feedback. Employees collaborate with colleagues every day and need positive working relationships with their Workmates.

3. Focus on current and future projects.

Employees and managers already know what happened in the past. The conversations are spent on future performance, talking about how to accomplish goals.

4. Training at every level.

Every employee becomes skilled in delivering performance-related feedback. This helps employees take ownership of their career development.

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