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HR Chronicle Document Management System

According to various surveys, HR specialists lose an average of 14 hours a week by manually completing tasks that could be automated. A solid document management system can streamline your workflow, increase accuracy, keep track of all your important papers, organize all your files and data in one location, and give you 24/7 access to documents from anywhere in the globe.

Employee data, such as Employment IDs, Emirates IDs, Visas, Passports, other Health Cards, and Education Certificates, can be promptly stored for quicker retrieval with a document management system. Instead of having a lot of paperwork in the office cabinet, HR may now store employee documentation on a single interface. This avoids the hassle of access and also loss of crucial documents as a result.

We take a quick look at some of the advantages of HR Chronicle Document Management system

Easier access

With just access to internet, HR Chronicle allows the employees to access files and documents through your browser of HR Chronicle Mobile App. This makes it simple for employees to download and access their documents, as all the data is centralized.

Allows easy updating and uploading

Authorized users can update documents using an HR Chronicle cloud-based document management system from any location at any time. Employees can update their documentation if something changes. This guarantees that all documents are up to date. It is not necessary to email staff members to remind them to update their paperwork.

Auto Reminders and Pop-up Notification for all document expiries.

With HR Chronicle, HR can set-up to 4 levels of email reminders and can define the any number of email-ids to receive the reminders emails. So that the concerned team is aware of the document expiry and action is taken before it is too late. Also helps avoid regulatory fines, and stay compliant with all local regulations.

Fewer manual tasks and higher efficiency levels with document management.

This kind of workflow replaces time-consuming procedures like mailing documents and making photocopies and enables the quick and secure circulation of documents throughout the company. Employee just needs to update and upload the document; then concerned manager /HR department, will look for details and approve it on the system.

Document management reduces costs

The use of paper, photo copier, courier delivery charges can also be significantly reduced. Also using external storage and managing the backup of these storage can be more expensive. With HR Chronicle the Data is stored on a secure Cloud platform.

Document security and legal compliance

With HR Chronicle data is secure, safe and geographically located on the Cloud platforms. HR Chronicle is also GDPR complaint and legally complies with all local laws throughout the GCC region.

With HR Chronicle, there is no need to worry about this manual paperwork and spend your precious time on the same.  Get peace of mind and focus on running your business. HR Chronicle is the leading HR and payroll management Solution for GCC Region.

HR Chronicle is the best HR Software that automates your entire HR and Payroll Process. No manual calculations, no paperwork, no last-minute confusion.  With HR Chronicle manage your company’s HR and payroll processes efficiently.

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