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Does HR Chronicle add value to your organization?

HR Chronicle is not only useful for large organization, who has hired an HR Team.  But it is even helpful for small organizations, owners, employees, directors, PRO’s and a lot more. Common fact is that many companies don’t have a dedicated HR team.

Let’s see few general benefits of HR and Payroll software which can be applied across all organizations:

Small-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

In SMEs, often the single owner boss, is responsible for everything related from HR Management to Payroll.  For SMEs, HR processes can be followed easily with HR and Payroll Software.  The Software records employee benefits and automates many more employee related tasks.  HR Software can help the new business owners and ensure that all process are handled and completed within time and with proper regulatory compliance.  With Cloud Based HR and Payroll Software, the process is further simplified by not worrying about the installation and maintenance of the software in house, rather it is hosted on the cloud and runs as your standard web based platform which can be accessed on the move from anywhere.  Often small businesses dont want to add a new piece of IT infrastructure or software management layer, the cloud option is just the right choice.

Public Relation Officer (PRO)

Most companies will have at least one HR Manager.  But employee document permits, renewals and cancellations will be carried by PRO, who needs to have access to all employee documents and get prior email notification for the document for all the renewals in time and to be compliant.   In this case HR Manager can give PRO’s limited access to the tool and configure their email id’s for the email notifications.  HR Manager can also set the reminder threshold days on their own.


Apart from HR every small organization have their own accounts or finance department.  Who is responsible for the validity of the financial statements they work on.  This department has some key roles and responsibilities including payroll and maintain financial controls.  Whereas by using HR and Payroll software an accountant can maintain all the details under a single tool along with an option to generate any bank file types for payroll, automating the process, they could simply generate a payment file, which can directly be uploaded at their banking platform website.


Every finance team has to achieve 3 benefits, business support service, lowest costs and effective control of the environment of company.  They have to plan, organize and control the financial activities by applying general management principles to financial resources of the enterprise and this could be implemented by defining the accurate GL codes in Payroll Software and can generate the file that can be uploaded into any financial system.  Increasing accurate reporting and more granular reporting at the finance level


Administration department is backbone of an organization their main responsibilities may include managing calendars, keeping track of training given, preparing reports and even support HR Manager and all these tasks can be handled by admin executive by providing limited access to them on the software.

IT Department

Company assets like laptop, mobile phones and other electronic devices are very important and need to be assigned to the users and also need to know when the warranty expires.  By using HR Software, IT manager can update asset information like serial number, model number and also upload the invoice of purchase for further references and finally assign it to the employees.   So Keeping track of all these information is done easier and automated.

The Individual Employee

If you have an HR and Payroll Software, you can even have self-service access to employees.  Through a web based portal, employees can conduct routing tasks, this reduces the HR Manager’s fright significantly and the process like applying leaves and expenses can become electronic and automated, which helps eliminating use of papers and also delegate team members with higher visibility and control over their own information.  Like team leaders, managers of each department.

Key features would include:

  • Can check and download pay stubs.
  • Can update his document information i.e. visa, passports, etc.
  • Apply for Leaves, Expenses through the portal or mobile app.
  • Apply for Timesheets.
  • Download important documents directly onto a pc or mobile when they need instant access.
  • View leave history and leave calendars.

A good HR and Payroll Software is not only good for HR team but also all other departments and core team members as well.  The next time you plan on evaluating an HR and Payroll Software, simply ask in what ways, it would add value to your organization.

We have built HR Chronicle, to automate routine tasks, which are otherwise sections of multiple software to be used together.  Importantly processes can be applied across various departments, or roles within an organization.

Contact us to find out how HR Chronicle can add more value to your organization.

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