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How we manage support at HR Chronicle; what happens behind the scenes!

Customer Service is one of the areas where every organization always has a room for improvement, whether large or small or very small.  All professional organizations will strive to look for ways to enhance customer service.  We take a look at what we do at HR Chronicle, behind the scenes to make your experience a pleasant one.

To Start with, HR Chronicle has the following support channels:

  • Email Support – An email can be sent to and a request number is given and a member of our support team will actively hops on to the request.
  • Phone Based Support – You can pickup the phone and call us and our team will be happy to assist.
  • Live Chat – You can hop on to our website and join a live chat session, a member of our team will assist instantly.
  • Finally, you can pickup a phone and contact your account manager straight away, no questions asked, no emails to send, just voice your concern, we will make sure, you are happy before you actually put the phone down.

Interesting fact, all the requests which come in via email are responded to within 2 business hours, through other channels instantly.  That is our standard service level.

Once the request is opened, it is responded via email, a request ticket number is created, a phone call is made if necessary and if needed a temporary remote screen share session, to look at the concern and take appropriate action.

All our support practices are governed by the following fundamentals:

  • Our sole objective is to better your experience whilst using our solutions.
  • We take responsibility at HR Chronicle, we say what we mean and mean what we say.
  • We are transparent, we do not use technical jargon, we use simple non-technical language.
  • We help address the concern, in a professional and ethical manner, we follow up where it needs to be followed up internal teams or external vendors and or customers until a closure is obtained from the customer to close the request.
  • We identify the root cause so as to prevent the issue from happening again.
  • Finally we document the activities in our state of the art support system for future referencing by our teams and our customers with all the history of actions taken and evidence of the solution.

[mkdf_blockquote text=”YES, we do take customer service very very seriously.” title_tag=”h2″ width=”100″]

We are HR Chronicle, we make things right.  HR Chronicle is a leading Cloud Based HR and Payroll Software, we have served our customers since 2006 that’s when the very first version of HR Chronicle came out, HR Chronicle is available in 2 flavors, Cloud Based and On Premise. To know more give us a shout, we will happy to discuss more.

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