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Hidden Advantages of HR Reports for Better Decision Making

Sometimes when making decisions, we just wish someone would tell us the best way to go.  HR reporting is an important precondition for data-driven decision making.  Being HR, we make a lot of decisions.  Each of those decisions—whether they’re about benefits, pay, hiring or HR initiatives—impact every person in the company in a very real way.   That’s why all the decisions we make matter so much.  Reports can help you do just that.

Below are some of the ways in which HR reporting is so important.

Accuracy: How much easier would it be if you could simply pull a report of service history of individual employees, new joiners (or any other piece of information) about employees, to make sure they’re accurate? Reports provide a more convenient way to double-check information, which means it’s easier to stay accurate.  It’s much easier to feel confident in data-backed decisions when you’re sure the data is accurate.

Collaboration: Sometimes you want to collaborate on decisions, but without clean reports, it’s difficult for others to understand.   Reports provide a clean data snapshot that make it easier to share information with people.

Predicting: If you can make decisions that prevent problems for the future in your company, you just might get a little more appreciation.  Generating the accurate report on weekly basis or Monthly basis helps you to predict, so decisions can be made more efficiently.

Evidence: Having reports to back up your decision makes any case you’re trying to make more than circumstantial.  It makes it undeniable. If the decisions you make don’t get results, you’ll have a better reason than “it felt right” to back up why you did what you did.

Measurement: Reports can help you track the success of your initiatives.  Did a concerted reward and recognition effort in one department result in a noticeable hike in performance over the past year? Knowing what’s working and what isn’t will help you decide what to keep doing and what to scrap.  Reporting can also help you to understand the performance of the employees.

Filters are the most important aspect of reporting, which help to filter information based on employee demographics, i.e. location, department, dates (joining, leavers, leaves), designation, roles, accurate reporting is not a nice to have; it’s a must have.  Without it, HR will quickly loose its credibility.

HR Chronicle features a reporting tool which is highly powerful and automated with 100+ standard reports that meets all the HR requirements.  Additionally featured is a Report Designer, that helps you to customize your report format as per your need, that means fully customizable and we mean it, fully customizable in terms of colors, formatting, fonts, data and a whole lot of things which are important to you.

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