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Handling Payroll Challenges & Solutions

A lot of different departments and team members must work together and coordinate to complete the complicated process of payroll. For instance, if a business unit has a significant number of employees, Person A may administer the financial matters relating to expenses, salaries etc. Person B may administer the benefits that are available to employees, etc. Owing to several legal concerns about corporate operations, it is crucial to gather all data from all sources, maintain correct records in a consolidated manner for the organization, and successfully create payroll.

Some of the typical problems HRs experience with handling payroll.

Dependence on outdated techniques
Using manual calculations with pen and paper can lead to erroneous computations and result in significant time waste, physical documents can be misplaced. However, spreadsheet-based payroll systems cannot fully resolve and provide accurate data because of different organizations’ workflow and different calculations.

Adhering to payroll regulations
To ensure that employees receive their rightful salaries, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) mandates that all employers must register with MOHRE and subscribe Wages Protection System (WPS). Any issue with salary remittance or a calculation inaccuracy for these elements could hurt organizations. And hence incurring hefty penalties.

Collaborating with multiple teams
The payroll team works extremely hard to coordinate everything on time and quickly by spending numerous hours obtaining information from the concerned HR, Finance, attendance controlling team, etc. along with the employees who submit the reimbursement bills and other expense bills so that at the end the payroll is created smoothly.

Maintaining the morale of the employees
Workers expect to be paid on time for their efforts; therefore, HRs must collaborate to ensure that salaries are paid swiftly. Even a minor delay can cause employees to lose morale and lose faith in the firm.

Maintaining data privacy
Because payroll data contains valuable information that might be exploited if it falls into the wrong hands, ensuring data security is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. Organizations are responsible for ensuring complete data security.

How to Reduce Payroll Difficulties

Automation of payrolls
Smaller organizations may rely on spreadsheets and human calculations, but larger organizations cannot; to achieve greater efficiency and easier compliance, it must be fully automated to give 100% error-free computations. Employee self-service mobile application with all-inclusive support.

The best payroll management software is provided by HR Chronicle, which satisfies all the aforementioned requirements for automating payroll. Its features include increased productivity, data privacy, adhering to payroll regulations as per GCC norms, Employee Self-Service mobile application, where employees can check in and out, apply for leaves, examine payslips, and much more.

With all these functions combined and offered on a single platform, HR Chronicle can meet all your payroll requirements.

HR Chronicle is the leading Cloud based HR and Payroll Management Software in the GCC Region.  HR Chronicle focuses on reducing the cost of HR Management by constantly updating as per the regulations and managing HR and Payroll processes efficiently.   Designed to the GCC labour regulation and WPS Support, our masterclass service will streamline and automate HR and Payroll process and ensure accurate payment as per the regulations

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