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GPS based attendance a new normal

As we are all aware with the massive use of mobile devices, more and more solutions are adapting to either integrating a mobile device in their everyday business or completely eliminating the use of PCs, Laptops and directly use cloud based apps, which can also be used as mobile apps.  GPS based attendance or Geo fencing is one such emerging standard.  Let us find out how.

What is GPS based attendance ?

Sometimes also known as Geo Fencing, GPS based attendance systems are those, which will only allow to punch in and punch out i.e. record your time in and time out, from a specific location, use the mobile device location services available today, there is an element of accuracy involved, i.e. you can have a tolerance of few meters i.e. 25 or 50 meters or so, for it to work effectively, as location accuracy will depend on the mobile device and capability of the location accuracy on that specific device.  For instance an employee cannot log his time in or time out sitting in the comfort of his/her residence, they will have to be on location in order to record the time in and time out.  There is no more time pilferage,

The system needs the mobile location services to be on and access to google/apple location servers from your mobile data package or your office wifi, so if you are planning to use GPS based attendance make sure you have these bare minimum requisites.  Let us look at some simple yet effective advantages.

Some advantages of the GPS based attendance !

  • The employee will have to be on the location, hence confirming a sure shot attendance in this case.
  • No need for any additional time and attendance device to do recording of attendance.
  • No need for any additional IT Infrastructure, i.e. Database servers, or network equipment.
  • You can also enable work from home feature and set locations dynamically and still track the hours put in by the employee.
  • Saves investments by not needing any additional hardware or software and still to attendance tracking.
  • Data can be directly put on the cloud no IT infrastructure is required on premise.

You will find many HR Solutions supporting the GPS based attendance but it is important to evaluate the features provided and ensure they align with your business need.

HR Chronicle can be configured dynamically out of the box, for scenarios where GPS based time and attendance is the only viable option.

Give us a shout, to know how we can use Geo Fencing and GPS based attendance.

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