Centralized Employee Datastore, Meaningful insights into organizational trends, Simplified document management, intuitive dashboards. HR management made more enjoyable.

  • Manage HR related employee information; Personal Information; Contacts

  • Powerful employee document management system, store and search all of them in one place.

  • Smart Alerts; Get smart reminders through email, before expiry of important documents. Never miss a deadline.

  • Manage multiple independent companies, in one instance, no need to remember multiple credentials, for each individual company.

  • Not sure which laptop or smartphone is assigned to which employee, dont worry we have it all covered with the asset management module.

  • Powerful analytics, give you insights instantly

  • Easy integration with 3rd party systems, eliminates duplicate data entry in multiple systems.

Manage Employee Profiles


Simplified leave management lets you configure your own leave types E.g. Vacation, Sick, Maternity, Paternity, Compassionate and more. You can also configure different policies for different groups of people with our powerful leave configuration engine.

Leave Management
  • Online leave application through employee self service or mobile app.

  • Powerful Roster Management lets you manage daily / weekly / monthly schedules, for your staff, with various shift options.

  • Your Time & Attendance device directly integrates to the Cloud automatically, so you have all data in one place, we can integrate any device you have, no strings attached.

  • Leave Calendars and Team Calendars give actionable insights on leave planning.

  • Time off in lieu for days worked on weekends or public holidays, no more manual record keeping.

  • You can also use Mobile based attendance using our Geo Fencing feature, accurately record time in and time outs through a mobile app.

  • It also calculates your payroll values automatically based on the rules you define, no more manual payroll calculations.


Employee Self Service is a web-based interface linked to the HR and Payroll System in real-time. It will allow access to each employee with a username and password and allow the employee to view information and process requests electronically eliminating the need to keep a paper trail.

  • Intuitive functional dashboard to have information on your tips.

  • Company forms like HR policies and forms can be viewed and downloaded by employees all in one place.

  • Online application for leaves, expense claims, loans, timesheets. View status of your requests.

  • Performance Appraisals; Conduct appraisals through automated and interactive forms between employees and their manager.

  • Automated Workflows; Setup an approval workflow that is second to none, powerful approval matrix can be set up at the click, with no changes or delays, all in your hands.

  • Employee Calendars & Team Calendars for faster and more efficient leave planning and decision making between peers.

  • Manage an HR Helpdesk right from the Self Service portal, no more emails, for those everyday requests.

Employee Self Service - HR Chronicle


Calculate employee compensation and benefits with ease, no more manual calculations, pay your employees with full compliance and confidence.

HR Chronicle Payroll Process
  • Create your payroll automatically and accurately and generate your payroll reports quickly.

  • Send password-protected pdf Payslips to employees through email, no special setup needed.

  • Pension calculations made simple, automatic, accurately and fully compliant. Reports in country-specific formats for submission to your local pension authority.

  • Automatically calculates the payroll amounts for paid and unpaid and partially paid leaves. Calculate the accruals for leaves, gratuity, ex-gratia, airfare and other types of accruals.

  • Overtime made easy to calculate and pay with the automatic integration with time and attendance and leave management.

  • Pay your employees on time every time. Generate electronic bank files on the fly and upload them to your banking portal. 40+ banks supported out of the box.

  • Automatic General Ledger (GL) posting to your finance system, have the reporting in real-time in your finance system.

  • A truly a multi-currency system which can even automatically update exchange rates through 3rd party service providers like Oanda.


Empower your work force to do their jobs whenever, wherever on any smartphone with push notifications.

  • Apply for leaves, expenses with ease.
  • View your full payroll history and download your payslips
  • Announcements can be lost in too much email communication, HR can send announcements through push notifications, instantly to the Mobile App.
  • Documents at your Tips; Employees can view document expiry information (i.e. visa, passport, work permits) from their mobile and download the scanned documents available on the system, for easy access.
  • Geo Fencing; Employees can now punch Time-In and Time-Out based on location. Employees can only record attendance on the Mobile App, only from the defined work location.

  • Corporate directory stores all contact information within the organization all you need is the mobile app.
  • Push Notifications let you focus on whats important. Get notified for all requests (requested / approved / rejected)
  • Access all your company events in the mobile app, no need to search through that email any more.
HR Chronicle Mobile App


Design Reports on the fly with our report designer

HR Chronicle Reporting
  • 120+ Reports available out of the box, to get meaningful insights.

  • Download your reports in easy to use excel formats or view it on screen

  • Group your reports to generate multiple reports in 1 single excel file, no more maintaining multiple files for your payroll reporting.
  • Customize your report design, format your text, numbers, colors, headers, sorting and much more.
  • Design and add your own reports on the fly, with our powerful and easy to use report designer
  • Personalized report settings, each user can maintain their own favorite reports, generate reports in minutes not hours.