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Exploring Employee Self Service

What is Employee Self-Service (ESS)?
Employee Self-service is a digital solution that helps employees perform HR-related tasks without the direct assistance of the human resources department. The goal here is to optimize administrative processes by allowing employees to perform tasks they can accomplish on their own. Employee Self Service can be accessed from Mobile App or a secure web portal.

For example, Employees can view their leave balance, Airline tickets, the employee can apply for leave, and expenses and also can update their information by having online access to the Employee self-service portal.

The Employee Self-Service portal can typically assist with the following:

  • Request leave and reimbursement.
  • Examine the schedules or Roaster Management.
  • Obtain payroll information and download the pay slip.
  • Update personal information (emergency phone number, address, banking information)
  • Request for Air-Tickets and various letters and can also apply for Loans.
  • Receive birthday, anniversary, and holiday alerts and notifications.
  • Check-in and check-out time sheets.
  • Managers can use the ESS to approve leave and reimbursement requests, send updates, review timesheets, and review other employee requests without involving HR.
  • HR Chronicle Employee Self-Service eliminates the need for manual tasks and paperwork. Now, HR and payroll personnel are free to concentrate on strategic, value-added tasks.

ESS offers a multitude of benefits for employees, managers and HR. Some of them are:

Employee autonomy
With access to a centralized people management system, employees are afforded the autonomy to view and update their own personal data, such as leave requests, pay slips, etc. in one place, at any time.

Reduces HR-related expenses
Employee self-service portals can save you money in a variety of areas of your business. For example, an ESS portal drastically reduces the amount of time spent accessing and updating employee data, freeing up time to improve the work environment and save money on workforce-related costs.

Easing admin burden
Perhaps the biggest benefit for HR is reduced workload. With self-service technology, people management is automated and centralized – there is no need to fill out, chase up or process paper forms, as all information is in one place – so HR doesn’t lose time completing administrative tasks.

Simplified systems
When manual processes are used, both data security and data integrity are jeopardized because the possibility of human error cannot be eliminated. By restricting access to sensitive data, HR Chronicle Cloud, the secure portal can protect it from theft or loss.

With HR Chronicle, there is no need to worry about these manual calculations and spend your precious time on the same. Get peace of mind and focus on running your business. HR Chronicle is the leading HR and payroll management Solution for GCC Region.

HR Chronicle is the best HR Software that automates your entire HR and Payroll Process. No manual calculations, no paperwork, no last-minute confusion. With HR Chronicle manage your company’s HR and payroll processes efficiently.

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