Published On: February 1st, 2019 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 3 min read /

Effective way to promote positive changes for your workforce

Earlier, solutions like Appraisals, Payroll, Employee Self Service, HR Mobile Apps, were reserved to be used by organizations, which had big technology budgets, as they were pretty expensive.  With the advent of cloud based services, these types of solutions, have become much more affordable.  You will in fact find majority of managers who like to stay organized, opt for solutions, which help them save time and increase productivity, no matter the headcount or the size, people are embracing the reality of being more organized in the ever increasing work place, which is starved of time.

There are a lot of advantages of using these solutions, we take a quick look at the benefits, of using one such system, an Employee Self Service system in an organization, some of the common ones are, they speed up the process, reduce paper-work, cut down the traditional longer form of communicating with HR over email or with paper based applications, going through layers of approvals, saving a lot of time, also freeing up the HR department’s time, in effect reducing the cost and increasing productivity and enhancing HR service delivery to the workforce.

Not all employees of an organization would agree that it adds value, we would fine pockets of resistance, to change, we look at some of the common concerns and reasons, why it may become a non-starter.

  • Not all of us like changes, we just want to keep using the same old processes, which work, rather than try out something new and finding new ways to improve processes, new changes demand time, new learnings and the list goes on.
  • Employees always are wary of putting in time to learn new processes or systems, as anything which is linked to technology, simply implies it needs technical skills, not all are happy to have technical skills training.
  • Lack of adequate training and support to all stakeholders, i.e. employees, hr department, managers, department heads and so on.
  • Lack of precise and specific reference material and or documentation, to be used as a reference, to do routine tasks on the system

We take a look, at some of the things, which can be done, to address these concerns.

  • Have an easy and simple to use system, which adapts to processes relevant to stakeholders.  System should adapt to users needs.  The users should not adapt to system’s need.
  • Always have processes aligned to user expectation, not as per the technical limitation or expectation of the system platform.
  • Strong onboarding and training program to hand hold the employees and offer them the correct support through structured training sessions, user manuals, online documentation, tailored towards the specific processes aligned with organizations implementation objectives, not generic documentations, the documents should be easy to use and find.
  • Avoid using technical jargon in the documentations and user screens.

At HR Chronicle we ensure we work as a business partner, to make the implementation of solutions a success.  HR Chronicle team takes the commitment from the onset to the smooth implementation and post implementation support, we manage the concerns or queries raised over our support channels, i.e. phone, email and live chat, and make sure they are addresses with the appropriate solution, in the shortest possible response times.

HR Chronicle is a leading Cloud Based HR and Payroll Software, we have served our customers since 2006 that’s when the very first version of HR Chronicle came out, HR Chronicle is available in 2 flavors, Cloud Based and On Premise. To know more give us a shout, we will happy to discuss more.

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