Published On: February 22nd, 2021 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 3.6 min read /

Does your HR Team still use Paper (Manual) Pay Slips; is it time for an Upgrade?

Let us recall, few years earlier, when an employee requests the payslips, HR departments, needed to pull it up from a paper file, print a copy securely and then give it to the employee, there were many mini-tasks involved in simply giving a payslip to an employee.  Payslips were created by using excel templates, or mail merge programs, in word, then printing and providing to the employee.  There was a fair amount of manual work, which in itself was not error-free.

Another aspect was, if the same employees’ come back and ask again the payslip for different months, for various reasons, the cycle of manual work went on.  This usually a simple job, turned out to be demanding, adding to the frustration of the HR departments, adding one more task of printing and delivering the payslips to employees in a secure and confidential manner.

It’s time for the HR departments to be more productive. It’s high time for those who still do manual printing and other manual tasks to move to a Cloud-based HR and Payroll Solution with electronic payslips, eliminating the need for printing slips of any kind, on paper.

Let us have a look at the only feature of electronic payslips or e-payslips, and find out whether it’s worth the upgrade.

1. ePayslips are Eco-friendly.
As there is no need for printing, your organization will be using less paper and ink – contributing towards your environmental and waste-reduction goals. Eco-conscious staff will appreciate this step towards ‘going greener’.

2. Security
As the payslips contain confidential salary information, when it is printed on paper, there is a chance of paper being misplaced or stolen. Storing the payslips on a cloud-based system is highly secure. Even if your Laptops or Mobile Phones are stolen, still there is a need for them to access your account with the passwords. So, by using Cloud-based HR and payroll system, HR departments have a greater degree of confidence, which in turn means building trust with employees, by having data greater security, which in turn also helps earn respect from business leaders, by protecting the business’ reputation with a modern, technologically savvy solution.

3. Employees can access payslips anytime, anywhere more convenient.
Employees may need the payslips for submission during their personal transactions. So, it is not convenient each time to request the payslips through the HR department and wait to hear from them. In this case, epayslips are more convenient employees can view them anytime and from anywhere, it is available online 24/7, print it and use it, as they deem fit.  Plus they have the responsibility of protecting the payslip after printing.

4. Cost Effective
Printing payslips for all the employees consume a lot of paper and also adds to printing costs, delivery costs, postage costs, of any.  If an error needs to be corrected the whole cycle repeats again, adding to further costs. This can be done absolutely at no cost or at a fixed nominal cost by using electronic delivery methods, by using a Cloud-based HR and Payroll system.

5. Easy Access to Historical Payslips
Sometimes employees may need older payslips to submit during their personal transactions with banks and other financial institutions. In this case with the help of a Mobile App or Employee Self Service, they will be able to view or download all the payslips which they need at the click of a mouse or tap on the mobile.

Not every organization has a big budget for a streamlined HR department, by using Cloud Based HR and Payroll Solutions, you can get the same professional solutions, at a fraction of the cost, to streamline your HR processes, adding to productivity and many long term and hidden benefits.

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