Published On: June 9th, 2022 / Last Updated: June 3rd, 2022 / 2.6 min read /

Do you think HR Chronicle Cloud is out of your budget?

Many business owners, finance managers and HR think that automated HR software is not in their budget.  They think that it is too expensive to afford and manage. There are a lot of HR software companies in the UAE that only focus on enterprise clients.  But HR Chronicle Cloud is the only human resource management system, which is designed for all types of customers and doesn’t focus on company size.   HR Chronicle is being used by companies of all sizes, it is best suitable for both SMEs and also enterprise clients. HR Chronicle is a very feature-rich HR and Payroll management solution. HR Chronicle is also very technology light, you do not need very high-end infrastructure to use HR Chronicle. We offer enterprise-grade features, yet we don’t cut corners.

Do you think that HR Chronicle Cloud is out of your budget?  Then, you did not quite understand? We are very affordable and we mean it!

HR Chronicle is the only cost-effective solution, with easy to use interface and user-friendly options, which can be used and managed by a normal employee. You do not need to be an HR professional to use HR Chronicle. Additionally, HR Chronicle team provides detailed training and hands-on experience to the customers; we use globally accepted standards of HR management, in our solution, so, all you need is a little bit of hand-holding and you are good to manage that HR department.

HR Chronicle Cloud uses the SaaS model of the licensing system. SaaS stands for Software as a Service, where each active employee is considered as a single license. Inactive (Resigned / Terminated) employees are not considered as licenses, but their data is stored without any cost.  In the SaaS HR system, you just need to pay for the licenses you purchase, and the better part is that if you think that you have extra licenses which are not in use then you can surrender the license. The day you surrender your license your money is refunded. No questions asked.  Many HR Management Software companies: say that they follow SaaS model, but when the license is deleted, no refunds are given back to clients. We mean it, we don’t ask any questions, we simply refund or credit it back to you.

HR Chronicle is an automated HR Software, which provided the best value for your investment.  Being a cloud-based human resources management system it gives you the flexibility to access the system from any part of the world, all you need is to have internet, for hassle-free access. HR Chronicle is a cost-effective and GCC compliant software, specially designed for the Middle East market. The employee self service and Mobile app are also available for the employees to fetch their information and raise the request whenever needed, which provides added convenience.

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