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Cool Features; Simple Sophistication

We all are aware that with the advent of cloud applications, all of the cloud solutions are almost updated instantaneously, the other day I was attending a Google Cloud Conference in Toronto, they claimed they roll updates almost proactively, without the user even noticing. This statement is most relevant with all cloud service offerings available today.

Today we take a look at one so called feature we worked on and released in HR Chronicle.

Today businesses follow a very non traditional organization structure, not thought of previously. These non traditional changes demand that traditional ways be challenged thankfully for the better.

Usually during leave applications, expense requests, time and attendance exceptions requests, letter requests, the request are applied for on the Self Service Portal, then are usually sent to a line manage, or a supervisor, the expectation is that each approves in the line of order of authority i.e. 1st level, 2nd level and so on, until the final approval.  A key important aspect of this type of process is that each stake holder, i.e. the employee, the 1st approver, the 2nd approver, all get email notifications, at each step, when the requests are applied for, when 1st approval or rejection is done, likewise on the 2nd or final approval.

There arises a need to simply keep the Department Head or Unit Head informed or Finance Department, by way of email notifiers, but that person does not necessarily exercise or have any direct authority to approve or reject the requests. So simply put the Unit Head or Department Head or Finance Department, receive a cc of the email notifiers which goes out.

With HR Chronicle, you can have at each process level, i.e. Leave Requests, Expense Requests, Timesheet Requests, Letter Requests, all other requests type, the ability to allocate a group of employees to receive emails only on the carbon copy (cc), not the ability to approve or reject any requests.  What this means is each Team for each process can have any approval structure , but we give the ability to add a cc email for notifications to all users under this particular group called the observer group.

We at HR Chronicle focus mostly on improving the HR and payroll system, and make it easy and user friendly for both employees and the HR.  HR Chronicle is the leading Cloud based HR and Payroll Solution in the Middle East.

No requirement is complex for us, if you want to know more or discuss your unique HR and Payroll needs we are here to help, give us a shout.

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