Published On: February 29th, 2016 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 1.7 min read /

Can your HR & Payroll Solution work on 3rd Party Cloud Services?

It is very interesting to note, organizations are adopting a whole new way of developing, managing, installing and delivering applications.  Some have a completely cloud enabled approach where 100% applications are on the cloud i.e. the application itself and the database.  Some have a hybrid approach and put only certain applications on the cloud, or even only the database on the cloud the front end application servers on internal infrastructure.

But there is one more strategy which is becoming common place in the way cloud applications are expected to deliver, that is what we call is a semi-cloud approach or hybrid-cloud approach, so what is exactly the semi-cloud approach or hybrid-cloud approach?

Well what happens is the front end of the application, i.e. the user interface, i.e. Website or the Desktop application is on the premises of the customer, but the database which holds the data is on the cloud services, like Azure from Microsoft, AWS from Amazon and the likes, so why people go with this approach ?

This is because there is no need for a dedicated frontend server, the client can utilize an existing front end infrastructure already available, but is able to add mission critical features of mirroring, automated data backup, hot online spare of database, which can be bought from providers of services like Azure, AWS.

Our HR and Payroll solutions supports all 3rd party providers like Azure, AWS and more…

HR Chronicle is the hr and payroll solution, which works in a hybrid environment, i.e. you can have the front end sitting on a client machine and the database on the cloud or even vice versa, its so flexible when it comes to deployment the only limitation you would have is the user of resources which is enforced by the cloud service provider you select, which means, the disk space, number of users, data bandwidth, etc.

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