Published On: January 17th, 2018 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 1.9 min read /

Can you integrate any time and attendance solution with your HR & Payroll Solution?

Today we will have a look at the most sought after feature and most taken for granted featured of HR and Payroll Solutions.

One of the core objectives of getting an automated HR and Payroll Solution is also to monitor attendance and overtime activity automatically, to day we take a look at few questions, you should ask the solution provider, before you make an opinion, about the solution.

  • Can the solution pickup data from your time and attendance solution and send to their cloud based HR and Payroll Solution, is any proprietor software to be used, or any solution can be used. Go with a solution which offers a no strings attached easy to install solution, which can pickup data and send to the cloud without any heavy technical over head, i.e. any special configuration at your side i.e. VPN and still be secure.
  • Do they allow you to use any time and attendance machine or they have fixed machine models or vendors they support, what happens if those vendors are no longer supporting their own devices. Always go with a vendor with is vendor independent, i.e. they can blanket support any time and attendance machine provided they get data in a set format.
  • Time and Attendance machines store data in a variety of formats, text, excel, Microsoft Access, Ms-SQL database. Ensure the HR and Payroll Solution supports a framework, does not restrict you on the specific format, else, you will find spending a lot of effort and cost on aligning the process.
  • Does the calculation of overtime happen in the HR and Payroll Solution or within the Time and Attendance software. Ensure all data calculations and rules are governed by HR and Payroll Solution, else if there is a policy change, you will need to change both the HR and Payroll Solution and the Time and Attendance software.

These are some key considerations, which will help you take an informed decision, of the some of the basics you need to be aware of.

HR Chronicle indeed does take care of all of this and much more.

Contact us to see how we can help align your Time and Attendance integration reporting process.

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