Published On: January 31st, 2018 / Last Updated: December 25th, 2021 / 2 min read /

Can your HR and Payroll Software do effective Roster Management?

In today’s environment, there is no longer a fixed 9 to 5 job, we all work in an ever increasing global timezone, so to call it i.e. a 24 hour operative shifts, whether you take restaurant chains, super markets, airlines, airports, call center operations, hospitals and many more businesses. In this scheme of things, one very important thing is, to put in a process in place and an aligned system for effective Roster Management for the global workforce.

What is meant by Roster Management is, the ability to align the business process and also aligning the underlying connected processes, like payroll, over time, absenteeism.

We take a look at the must have bare minimum, an effective Roster Management Solution should provide:

  • Ability to define shifts which overlap on to another day, i.e. for instance the shift may start at 11 pm until 07 am next day, what this means is there will be a date change, the system should efficiently manage the underlying logic and calculate time accurately.
  • Ability to create a Roster with ease, meaning, you should be able to group employees and assign rosters rather than defining the roster for each individual employee.
  • Ability to make exceptions to processes, i.e. if you have a star performer you may want to offer him a different relaxed policy, for instance his absenteeism policy may be different, but shifts may be same, the system should be capable enough to not lock you down and make the exception with ease.
  • Doing configuration and policy permutations and combinations on your own, without any special customization or programming. Each time you need to change policy due to government regulations or internal business alignment, you are not supposed to contact the company to do a custom add on or a change request, or it should not cost you a lot of money.
  • Finally, no matter which product or platform you select, please discuss all your requirements, before hand to avoid any surprises later and have it documented.

You may not find the perfect solution, however if you follow the above guidelines, you will be in a better position to take an informed decision, based on your needs.

HR Chronicle has a very simple yet powerful roster management solution, contact us today to discuss your needs, we will be happy to assist you.

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