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Can HR Checklist(s) help you to follow company compliance?

Every phase of the employee in the company is important, from the day they onboard to the job, to the day they exit job.  Certain processes need to be followed, in each phase of employee cycle.  Checklists help you to follow a process, make sure you don’t neglect anything important and most importantly stay compliant.  By following these checklist processes, we make sure that security measures and compliance procedures are made easier to follow and more importantly, tracked.

HR compliance checklist(s) are tools generally used by human resources professionals to prepare for an HR audit.  Using a HR compliance checklist for administering HR audits can effectively keep your business well within the laws governing employment, ensure your business systems are generating results and maintain your organization in a way that enhances your business’s reputation.

HR checklist(s) can be of various types like:

  • Onboarding
  • Exit
  • Performance and review
  • Asset Return

For instance in the Onboard Checklist we can define the procedures in relation to becoming compliant with the hiring processes i.e. securing a work permit, securing a visa, health checkup, adding the employee to the company insurance plan.

With HR Chronicle, you can define unlimited number of Checklist types and in each checklist type you can add the definition along with the grouping of the task, you may IT related functions, HR related Functions, Training related compliance to be taken care of.  All these action items can easily be updated by HR, also add the completion date and comments for future references. In a nutshell, it gives you complete flexibility and multiple options to choose the way you want to stay compliant.  Once the checklist has reached its conclusion an official document can be generated to be signed by Employees, Line Managers for Business, IT, HR and recorded as evidence on file or scanned into the system as an electronic document.

HR Chronicle makes managing and maintaining employee checklists a breeze with full control over your compliance.

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