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Are your employees feeling disconnected? this could be one of the causes!

We all would agree that one of the most powerful motivators for employees in an organization is recognition.  There are some special days in an Employee’s life at the organization, which the HR Team should make a note and greet them on that day without fail.  Recognition has a longer-lasting and more noticeable effect on employee’s motivation levels.

Some examples of those special days in an employee’s career could be Birthday, Work Anniversary, Probation Completion, Long Service Completion, i.e. 5 years or 10 years, promotion dates and the list can go on.  These days are important dates in an employees lifecycle within the organization and is chance for an employees identity to stand out by being recognized independently of his/hr department, designation or team, absolutely individually, at the same time stand in the limelight for a day.  They feel special as they may also have some element of emotional connect with these days, so making them feel special on these occasions, is a great PR building exercise for the HR department.  An employee would always value the feeling of being remembered in the organization and definitely feel more involved and connected to the organization.  Celebrating these days typically would depend upon various organization policies, but wishing them on these days is truly noticeable and a memorable experience for the employee.

At HR Chronicle, we make sure that these occasions are well taken care of and not missed and HR departments, starts preparing well in advance, to greet the employees with a surprise, a pleasant one. HR team just needs a few clicks, and a personalized rule-based engine at HR Chronicle will take care of the finer details, with specific Email templates, on specific occasions, the HR team can be sure, to have the right tools for the right job at hand.  It can also get a bit sneaky, and bcc entire organization for a surprise party in the works.

There could be many downsides to not doing this simple, yet powerful gesture, as we call it, one of them making the employee feel disconnected.

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