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5 Steps to improve your payroll process

Payroll refers to the process of paying wages to employees for their work for an organization, every employee is obligated to accurately calculate their compensation for their work. Because the organization is required to pay or distribute their net compensation to their employees on payday.

The payroll process necessitates high accuracy, close attention, and time-consuming tasks. As the organization grows, so does the employee count, and the complexity of the payroll grows, making it a difficult task for HR to process the payroll, which he cannot avoid because it is an essential part of paying wages to employees.

A well-organized payroll management system allows the organization to run smoothly by automating all processes and saving a significant amount of time by eliminating all large calculations and errors, as well as late payments and penalties.

As payroll requires careful monitoring, an efficient payroll management system provided by HR Chronicle will benefit any organization, from small to large. HR Chronicle optimizes the payroll process by eliminating the need for installations and large equipment setups because it is completely cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time.

Some of the steps to improve your payroll process

1. Switch from Manual to Digital/Automated process
Since the world has moved on to Digital and automated all processes its time to move from creating payroll calculations manually using spreadsheets, writing the payroll data and checking the errors, and correcting it, through a lot of valuable time is lost which can’t be returned. However, HR Chronicle is completely digital payroll processing software that saves a lot of time and money for your organization.

2. Use a reminder and prepare monthly payroll
A monthly payroll schedule defines how an organization works and how you intend to pay its employees’ wages. You can use a calendar to plan ahead of time and avoid last-minute issues with calculation errors.

3. Create simple and clear payroll
When an employee receives his payslip summary, he should be able to understand his deductions, allowances, and net salary. This eliminates the need for employees to contact HR for queries and saves time.

4. Regular Training and Education for employees
All the employees should have a basic understanding of how the Employee Self Service works and its flow, since employees apply for leaves, and expenses part since it’s applied from ESS there should not be any errors/miscalculations during payroll creation.

5. Invest in Payroll Management Software
HR Chronicle is a payroll management software that enables companies to save a lot of time by eliminating the files and papers if an employee record needs to be accessed all other employee papers have to be opened and a lot of time is wasted in searching for the employee documents, through payroll software documents can be searched employee wise in less time and lot of time is saved.

  • Go paperless environment friendly – HR Chronicle enables all the documents and operations to be done without using paper and thus eliminating the paper cost and being environmentally friendly.
  • Move to Cloud from On Premise Version – Moving to Cloud from On-premises enables HR users to log in any time anywhere from any corner of the world. And eliminates the users to avoid the hardware equipment used for the software.

HR Chronicle is the leading Cloud based HR and Payroll Management Software in the GCC Region.  HR Chronicle focuses on reducing the cost of HR Management by constantly updating as per the regulations and managing HR and Payroll processes efficiently.   Designed to the GCC labor regulation and WPS Support, our masterclass service will streamline and automate HR and Payroll process and assure accurate payment as per the regulations.

Have a question and want to get started on your HR and Payroll automation journey? Please contact our sales team for any inquiries on pricing and licensing.  We will be glad to assist you.  You can also visit us at or email us at: You can also call us +971 4 3383775 or WhatsApp +971 55 650 6260.

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